Collection (by Convention)

A record of all the garage kits I own, with as much information as I can find provided.

Convention: JAF-CON 7/Jaf-Con '98

Year: 1998
Date: 07/26/1998
Location: Tokyo Big Sight

1/8 Scale Iris Chateaubriand
Series: Sakura Taisen アイリス
Sculptor: Unknown Producer: Kotobukiya
Convention: JAF-CON 7  
1/4 Scale Kinomoto Sakura B Uniform Version
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura 木之本桜B 制服 version
Sculptor: Miyagawa Takeshi Producer: T's System
Convention: JAF-CON 7  
1/6 Scale Rimururu
Series: Samurai Spirits
Sculptor: Wood Producer: Musashiya
Convention: JAF-CON 7  
1/8 Scale Sailor Moon Naked Angel version (Winged Usagi)
Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon セーラー
Sculptor: Miyazaki Tatsuya Producer: Usa P House
Convention: JAF-CON 7  
1/5 Scale Super Chibi Moon
Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon スパーチビ
Sculptor: Takei Tsuchinoto Producer: Fitzgerald
Convention: JAF-CON 7