Review: New 52 Batgirl Bust by DC Collectibles

It's been a busy couple months of figure buying at my local comic shop with all the great stuff coming out lately! I completely fell for this Barbara Gordon Batgirl bust when I first saw the prototype at C2E2 earlier this year, and she immediately went on my "preorder as soon as I see it" list. Sculptor Jim Maddox brought us a great figure, but how did the manufactured version stack up? Check it out after the jump!

Upcoming Release: Sideshow 1/4 scale Hal Jordan Green Lantern

Sideshow collectibles aren't always my favourite producers but when they get something right, it's fantastic. That seems to be the case with their upcoming giant 1/4 scale Green Lantern statue, due out in April 2013. That should give you a little time to save your pennies as this figure will set you back a cool $350, but for the mega Green Lantern fan it might be a worthwhile centerpiece of a collection.

Upcoming Release: Harley Quinn Arkham City Statue

DC has been quite busy with the statue releases since announcing their new DC Collectibles line, and a line of Arkham City statues was inevitable with how popular the action figures have been. So it should be a surprise to no one that they just announced a Harley Quinn to be released in January 2013. What is a surprise is how appealing she is compared to the action figure releases!

Marvel Legends Drax to Luke Cage mod… start!

Starting another commission, this time of New Avengers style Luke Cage. Drax the Destroyer provides the base figure this time. I was requested to do another simple mod adding a white muscle shirt and removing the knives from Drax here. Seems simple enough but let's see what kind of trouble the figure gods are going to throw at us on this one!

Marvel Legends Luke Cage Mod Continues

My fight with Luke Cage continues and much like in Marvel Comics, he is winning! After some joint fixes and sculpting the muscle shirt he was ready for paint. This picture was taken after about 70 coats of white. The green skin of Drax had the supernatural ability to show through everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I think I've invented a few new curse words for action figures on this project.

New Avengers Luke Cage Action Figure Mod Finished

The paint has dried, my cursing has abated, and now I can sit back and enjoy life for another few hours before launching into my next project. Luke Cage is finally complete! If you've followed my work in progress posts you know that nothing I do ever goes as planned, and this troublemaker was no exception. From ever-present green to inexplicable paint rub to arms not reattaching, I had every problem in the book with this guy. But let's put all that past us and enjoy the final product!

Sneak peek sculpt in progress

Here's a little peek at what I've been working on the past couple weeks, in its very early stages. Almost impossible for you to guess what it is right now, but I welcome you to try! Hopefully I'll have it done by the October 6th comic show I'll be having a table at.Always wear gloves when mixing up epoxy clay! The chemical reaction that occurs can give you some serious excema, even if you only do it once in a while. I bet you thought I was going to tell you what this was here, didn't you? Ha!

C2E2 2012 coverage – DC Collectibles part 1 – Busts and Flashpoint

Just before C2E2, DC sent out a press release announcing their name change from DC Direct to DC Collectibles. Despite the name not quite rolling off the tongue quite as well, a lot of excitement has been moving through the comics community due to the company expanding their figure offerings in their new online store. This made the panel at C2E2 a must-cover for us. Let's go over some of the highlights!

C2E2 2012 coverage – DC Collectibles part 3 – Arkham City and Watchmen

If you haven't played Rocksteady's fantastic Batman games, I suggest you step away from the computer and remedy that right now. If you have, you probably want to know when the next story DLC is coming out.  Unfortunately I can't tell you that, but I can show you some of the upcoming figures that I'm pretty pumped about. At the DC Collectibles C2E2 panel last weekend, everyone participating seemed very excited about what was coming from their partnership with Rocksteady and it definitely seemed like there were still surprises yet to be revealed.