Upcoming Release: 1/8 Kisaragi Saya by Art Spirits

Art Spirits may be a newcomer to the PVC figure scene, but they’re already putting out some promising lookng stuff, like this Kisaragi Saya due out in January 2013. Kisaragi Saya is the CLAMP-designed protagonist of the new series in the Blood franchise, Blood-C. I have a big weakness for CLAMP, which is part of the reason why I own as much Code Geass merchandise as I do. Looks like I’ll have to start paying attention to this series as well!

The sculpt is done by another newcomer, Tsuchida Kozen, who already has my attention at his ability to capture the CLAMP spirit in Saya’s face and hair. The pose may be a bit static but the movement of the hair and fabric make up for it, I think.  I’ve been meaning to check out the quality of Art Spirits as they continue to tempt me with figures like Katherine from Catherine, due out in December. I may have to check and see if Saya here is available as a garage kit, she looks like she’d be fun to paint.

I really like the small touches like the bells on the end of her hakui and the ruffle of her skirt. Little details like this really set apart a plain figure from a stunning one and show the care the sculptor put into capturing the character.

Are you a Blood+ or CLAMP fan? Are you picking this one up? At an 8,500 yen MSRP she’s a little steep, but many stores have her discounted if you preorder making her a bit more reasonable.

Preorder Saya at one of the many fine online figure retailers: Hobby Seearch, AmiAmi, or Hobby Link Japan are my favourites.

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