Upcoming Release: Kotobukiya The Killing Joke Joker ArtFX statue

If you’re a Batman fan, this picture needs no explanation. It’s just amazing. Kotobukiya is bringing us an amazing statue in May 2013 that true Joker fans will absolutely kick themselves if they miss out on. This is the Joker based off the cover illustration by Brian Bolland of the classic miniseries The Killing Joke, written by Alan Moore. This haunting sculpt is brought to us by Abe Junnosuke, who in this writer’s opinion is one of the very best comic book style sculptors out there.

In case you need some convincing about Abe-san’s ability, let me direct you to some older Kotobukiya releases he sculpted. Difficult subjects like Cable, Frank Miller-style Batman, and Storm which even in the best sculptor’s hands can turn out badly are seemingly a walk in the park for this guy. He captures the essence of a character with such detail that it looks almost easy.

The Killing Joke is so iconic in the Batman mythos that when Mark Hamill recently announced he was finished voicing the Joker after Arkham City, he said the Killing Joke was one the only roles he would consider returning for. It was the series that, for better or worse changed the life of some iconic DC characters forever, and a large part of that can be attributed to Brian Bolland’s haunting artwork. ¬†Great Batman statues come and go, but I think most fans will agree that this is THE Joker statue to own.

But just a great sculpt wasn’t enough to stop Kotobukiya. They’ve included bonuses based on expanded illustrations of the Joker in the crate of dynamite, the creepy bondage guy, and a working LED-lighted spotlight. Personally I hope the little angel guy will be removeable so I can stick him in my medicine cabinet to scare off nosy party guests. Perhaps he could also be useful in dieting as a refrigerator raider deterrant? He’s certainly an off-putting addition that makes the scene here even creepier!

Run, don’t walk to your local comic shop to preorder this beauty, who will be listed in the newest issue of Previews. Be sure to preorder as this figure is sure to not stick around long once he’s released, if past Kotobukiya ArtFX and Fine Art comic lines are any indication.

If you must order online, you can find the Joker at Big Bad Toy Store. He’s also available in Japan or from online retailers like AmiAmi or Hobby Search.

Happy Halloween, and Smile!

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