C2E2 2012 – DC Collectibles Part 4 – The Dark Knight Rises, Ame-Comi and Everything Else

The all-female Ame-Comi line hasn’t gotten a lot of attention even with DC Collectors, possibly because no one really seems to know where it fits in. It started out as a competitor to the Kotobukiya Bishoujo line with some stiff competition with the Shunya Yamashita Marvel designs, which have since branched out to include DC characters as well. Now, DC aims to change that with an announcement made at C2E2 this past weekend.

DC will be starting up digital exclusive comics based on the Ame-Comi line, with an all-female cast of heroes and villains. With talent such as Amanda Conner handling the comics side of things, Ame-Comi is sure to get more exciting. My first thought upon seeing the promotional comic images were “how do I get THAT Supergirl figure?” Let’s hope others feel the same and we see some newer versions of some of the more awkward looking previous Ame-Comi figures.

A female Brainiac will be the primary villain in the new comics, so of course a statue based on her will be on the way.  I quite like the new designs and hope they’ll revitalize the line a bit. Fortunately the prototypes were on hand so we can take a closer look!

The Hawkgirl is looking very promising, though not a new annoucement.  I like the steampunk style wings. The Green Lantern behind her is a bit more in line with the older figures in my opinion, but perhaps she has some fans here?

The Harley Quinn is sure to be a favourite in the line, as all Harleys tend to be. I love the Shakesperean influence in pose and costume. Best get a preorder in for her at your local comic shop as I’m sure she’ll become one of the harder ones to find later.

If you ask me, Brainiac is the real star of the show. Her design reminds me a lot of Witchblade, and of course the first thing out of my mouth was “I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.” Jokes aside, I think the line is really ramping up in quality with these new figures. If the comics prove to be good, and with Amanda Conner involved they’ll certainly look fantastic, Ame-Comi will really be something to watch in the coming months.

What do you think of Ame-Comi? Will you be picking up any of the new figures? Have you bought any previously? I’d like to see something with them show up in animation, possibly in the new DC Nation block that’s currently airing.

If sexy girls aren’t your thing, perhaps you’re more excited about the new things coming from the Batman Black and White line. This has been one of the longest running series from DC Collectibles but that hasn’t stopped them from bringing out some great new designs. Darwyn Cooke and Jim Lee’s Batmen are great additions, but the ones that really have me excited are the Bolland and Jock versions.

With so many Batman collectibles out there, it’s easy to mix them up or see many with the same pose over and over again. This particular Batman from Jock is sure to stand out from the pack even with its smaller stature. How cool would he look on the top of a bookcase or a high shelf, swooping down on the rest of your collection? I turned a few heads at the convention by loudly exclaiming how awesome he was as I rushed to take pictures and I’m not ashamed, because he’s a must buy for me.

Likewise, the Brian Bolland Joker is sure to be a classic. Ask any comic fan out there what classic Joker stories to read and likely the first thing out of their mouths will be The Killing Joke. This is in no small part because of Bolland’s fantastic pencils. Also, he has a cat. How can you lose?

If you’re more of the Frank Miller fan perhaps this Dark Knight Returns statue will strike your fancy. This was a very recent announcement and there was no prototype available to view yet, but Batman versus Superman is always a popular seller.

There were a few releases coming from the Green Lantern animated series, the most intriguing being this web exclusive Saint Walker statue. I’m waiting for the price to be released on this one, but I’m hoping despite its larger size (about 1/6 scale I’d estimate) it will be a little cheaper due to the simpler lines of the animated series.

That brings us finally to the statues based on the Dark Knight Rises. I already went over the busts being released, but it’s hard to ignore the 1/6 scale statues.

No matter your feelings on the new costume (I’ve stated mine previously), it’s nice to see such a degree of realism in this Catwoman. Again, the sculptors were able to work closely with the movie staff and offered a higher degree of access into the costume designs and stills to get the best product possible, according to DC CCO Geoff Johns.

It was a shame to hear that the other lines of 1/6 scale DC characters would not be returning in the near future due to low sales. If you want one of these figures, make sure you get a preorder in as I’m sure they’ll be made in lower numbers as a result!

That wraps up our C2E2 DC coverage, but there was still more to see at the show. Check back tomorrow to see what Moore Creations has in store for us!

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