Elspeth Custom Action Figure Finished Commission

This Elspeth began life as a Sylvanas Windrunner World of Warcraft figure from DC Unlimited. The customer who requested her wanted her kept as an archer but changed to more suit Elspeth’s style and of course, changed from elf to human. After a little Apoxie sculpt and a whole lot of metallic paint, here she is.

DC Unlimited figures are very sturdy and this one was no exception. ¬†She was not coming apart without a fight; some parts like the head, hood, and hair wouldn’t come apart without breakage, requiring me to be very careful with my paint work. Despite difficulties, I think she came out looking nice.

I made some minor changes, removing the skull and spike motif that covered the shields and some of the body armor and replacing them with more Elspeth-friendly designs. And gold, lots and lots of gold.

My favourite part was her cloak, which with the help of some interference red really makes the figure stand out. In changing some of the armor I tried to make it look clean yet battle-worn like the cloak.

Never having played Magic or WoW, I’m not really familiar with either of the characters but I hope fans will be pleased with the change. The client was very happy with her, which is what matters most.

I really liked the original figure and at first it was hard to make the change. I might have to get my own copy of the original someday.

My next project is another action figure modification, though a little simpler than this one and male. I haven’t worked on a male figure in a while, it should be fun!

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