Action Figures

High Priestess Yukiko Amagi and D-Arts Konohana Sakuya review

With the Japanese yen to US Dollar rate being as terrible as it is currently, figure fans on a budget sure have a lot of temptations being thrown at them! I've been able to be pretty strong lately and only cave on a few things, but one of my big weaknesses is the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. With Persona 4 being remade, a hit anime series and a Persona fighting game coming out there is a huge amount of things to choose from as seemingly every merch company tries to get a piece of my very limited figure budget. Today, Megahouse and Bandai are the winner with High Priestess Yukiko Amagi and her summoned Persona Konohana Sakuya. Lots more pictures after the jump!

Marvel Legends Luke Cage Mod Continues

My fight with Luke Cage continues and much like in Marvel Comics, he is winning! After some joint fixes and sculpting the muscle shirt he was ready for paint. This picture was taken after about 70 coats of white. The green skin of Drax had the supernatural ability to show through everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I think I've invented a few new curse words for action figures on this project.

New Avengers Luke Cage Action Figure Mod Finished

The paint has dried, my cursing has abated, and now I can sit back and enjoy life for another few hours before launching into my next project. Luke Cage is finally complete! If you've followed my work in progress posts you know that nothing I do ever goes as planned, and this troublemaker was no exception. From ever-present green to inexplicable paint rub to arms not reattaching, I had every problem in the book with this guy. But let's put all that past us and enjoy the final product!

Nendoroid Shinguji Sakura and Koubu Set Review

As is pretty evident from my catalog of the garage kits, I'm a big Sakura Taisen fan. The series doesn't get much attention here in the US other than the one NIS America PS2/Wii game release that you totally should buy. They also released a lot of the anime here that is too cheap not to check out. So you can imagine when I saw this Nendoroid pop up for preorder, I squeaked and broke my finger hitting the buy button as quickly as possible.

Doom Marine Action Figure Mod Finished

For the cultural phenomenon that the first two Doom games were and the glut of adult-aimed action figures of the late nineties and early aughts, you'd think making the Marine protagonist of Doom into a figure would be an obvious choice. Or at least the cover art demon from Doom 2. Sadly, nothing seems to exist but a few disappointing renditions from the 2005 movie, so here we have a customized take on the character!

Doom Marine continued: kill it with fire!

My slow uphill battle with the protagonist of the Doom series continues! What started out as a simple repaint has turned into a slow progression into madness. It seems after starting work that no modification has been done to any of the joints save attaching them to the figure, which anyone who has attempted an action figure mod knows is not good. Any reposing that isn't handled with the utmost care results in paint rub, which I didn't budget for fixing. I'm cleaning up what I can and leaving the rest to fate which makes me unhappy in a professional sense, but sometimes you have to just do what you can in the original scope of work.

Action Figure Mod: Doom Marine in progress

Here's a look at what I've been cursing at the last few weeks. This Doom Marine project was a previous action figure mod done by the client, who asked me to do some improvements. The figure was pretty old and showing some signs of deterioration and damage, so first order of business was to take a really detailed look at the problems I'd be facing.

C2E2 2012 coverage – DC Collectibles part 1 – Busts and Flashpoint

Just before C2E2, DC sent out a press release announcing their name change from DC Direct to DC Collectibles. Despite the name not quite rolling off the tongue quite as well, a lot of excitement has been moving through the comics community due to the company expanding their figure offerings in their new online store. This made the panel at C2E2 a must-cover for us. Let's go over some of the highlights!

C2E2 2012 coverage – DC Collectibles part 3 – Arkham City and Watchmen

If you haven't played Rocksteady's fantastic Batman games, I suggest you step away from the computer and remedy that right now. If you have, you probably want to know when the next story DLC is coming out.  Unfortunately I can't tell you that, but I can show you some of the upcoming figures that I'm pretty pumped about. At the DC Collectibles C2E2 panel last weekend, everyone participating seemed very excited about what was coming from their partnership with Rocksteady and it definitely seemed like there were still surprises yet to be revealed.