Doom Marine Action Figure Mod Finished

For the cultural phenomenon that the first two Doom games were and the glut of adult-aimed action figures of the late nineties and early aughts, you’d think making the Marine protagonist of Doom into a figure would be an obvious choice. Or at least the cover art demon from Doom 2. Sadly, nothing seems to exist but a few disappointing renditions from the 2005 movie, so here we have a customized take on the character!

This figure was a mixture of several different characters including the infamous Judge Dredd head. I was commissioned to do a simple repaint of this previously customized figure and fix up a few things that I detailed in my work in progress posts. Here’s a description of what he contains from the original post on Figure Realm:

“I started with a Judge Dredd head, Savage Dragon torso, Guile arms, Ultimate Captain America legs. Harness and helmet are made from Prof. X Cerebro helmet, Vault Ultron hose /coil for breathing apparatus and Orions harness. Guns from old Spawn character, Jonah Hex’s holster, Captain colds ice pistol and machete from Ka-Zar.”

I was asked to keep the color scheme exactly the same and not to change the parts in any significant way. I ended up making quite a few repairs and fixing up seamlines, as well as doing some minor joint fixes as I’ve detailed previously.

Doom has a special place in my heart since it was the first post-Apple II PC game I ever played. I received a copy of Doom II (on 6 floppy disks!) when I got my first Windows 3.1 machine from a very understanding family friend who promised me it was the “hottest thing out there”. We had some pretty strict no gaming rules in the house when I was a kid and I was stoked to have anything not starring Carmen Sandiego to play, so I took his word for it and was immediately hooked.

I had fun doing a lot more weathering on this figure than I normally would, since you don’t really want to weather Anime girls too much as a general rule. In addition to the pastel shading, I broke out the good old india ink and what you see is a combination of dry brush and wash technique. Sadly the plastic on the flexible tubing was breaking down so I wasn’t able to do as much as I would have liked in that area. Plastic breaking down makes me sad.

It’s almost a shame to have his helmet on as I think he looks pretty good without it.

The biggest change made from the original mod was resculpting both the hands. The original fists had been drilled into in order to accomodate weapons but no other changes had been made, so I slimmed down the handle on the gun and did some finger and hand resculpting to make it look a bit more natural.

It was nice to move away from my comfort zone of pretty girls for a bit and try something new. Pretty girls are more fun to stare at for extended lengths of time though, sorry boys.

I couldn’t work this long on a cerebro helmet without quoting this Rifftrax clip over and over. So thank you, X-men movie series for being so easy to make fun of. And also to Mystery Science Theatre 3000 for making all of life better.

Contractually obligated "come at me bro" pose.

Now I happily move on to the next project, which is yet another muscly man! Thankfully he’s a little less dude-bro.

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