Doom Marine continued: kill it with fire!

My slow uphill battle with the protagonist of the Doom series continues! What started out as a simple repaint has turned into a slow progression into madness. It seems after starting work that no modification has been done to any of the joints save attaching them to the figure, which anyone who has attempted an action figure mod knows is not good. Any reposing that isn’t handled with the utmost care results in paint rub, which I didn’t budget for fixing. I’m cleaning up what I can and leaving the rest to fate which makes me unhappy in a professional sense, but sometimes you have to just do what you can in the original scope of work.

As you might be able to spot in the photos, the textured coating never fully came off the pants. I removed as much as I could and am working to incorporate what’s left into the piece naturally. I’ve carved off the details of the spats and filled them in to create laceless boots. The client wanted details mostly left as is, but I can’t allow a Marine to continue wearing spats. It’s just wrong.

A giant seamline on the head and glue residue on the back have given me some more things to curse about. This image is after about two hours of clean-up. Most of this figure is made from cheap 90s toys, so seamlines and marred details abound. My exacto knife has been getting lots of exercise!


Another giant seam on the side reveals a hole into the center upon cleaning. 90s action figures, I tell ya. At least this one’s an easy fix. I was tempted to crack the torso once it opened up, but budget.  I am also changing the original arm to work with the torso better by giving the illusion of a shirt seam. Minor changes and fixes all take about 3 times as long as I expect!


The biggest challenge is still to come, which is fixing the damage on both hands and resculpting. Lots of cleanup to do before I can even begin on this one. Since it’s such a small area, I doubt I’ll have many progress shots so just imagine me cursing at things a lot with dust all over the place. It’s called a Tuesday!

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