Doom Marine Action Figure Mod Finished

For the cultural phenomenon that the first two Doom games were and the glut of adult-aimed action figures of the late nineties and early aughts, you'd think making the Marine protagonist of Doom into a figure would be an obvious choice. Or at least the cover art demon from Doom 2. Sadly, nothing seems to exist but a few disappointing renditions from the 2005 movie, so here we have a customized take on the character!

Doom Marine continued: kill it with fire!

My slow uphill battle with the protagonist of the Doom series continues! What started out as a simple repaint has turned into a slow progression into madness. It seems after starting work that no modification has been done to any of the joints save attaching them to the figure, which anyone who has attempted an action figure mod knows is not good. Any reposing that isn't handled with the utmost care results in paint rub, which I didn't budget for fixing. I'm cleaning up what I can and leaving the rest to fate which makes me unhappy in a professional sense, but sometimes you have to just do what you can in the original scope of work.

Action Figure Mod: Doom Marine in progress

Here's a look at what I've been cursing at the last few weeks. This Doom Marine project was a previous action figure mod done by the client, who asked me to do some improvements. The figure was pretty old and showing some signs of deterioration and damage, so first order of business was to take a really detailed look at the problems I'd be facing.