New Avengers Luke Cage Action Figure Mod Finished

The paint has dried, my cursing has abated, and now I can sit back and enjoy life for another few hours before launching into my next project. Luke Cage is finally complete! If you've followed my work in progress posts you know that nothing I do ever goes as planned, and this troublemaker was no exception. From ever-present green to inexplicable paint rub to arms not reattaching, I had every problem in the book with this guy. But let's put all that past us and enjoy the final product!

Doom Marine Action Figure Mod Finished

For the cultural phenomenon that the first two Doom games were and the glut of adult-aimed action figures of the late nineties and early aughts, you'd think making the Marine protagonist of Doom into a figure would be an obvious choice. Or at least the cover art demon from Doom 2. Sadly, nothing seems to exist but a few disappointing renditions from the 2005 movie, so here we have a customized take on the character!

Elspeth Custom Action Figure Finished Commission

This Elspeth began life as a Sylvanas Windrunner World of Warcraft figure from DC Unlimited. The customer who requested her wanted her kept as an archer but changed to more suit Elspeth's style and of course, changed from elf to human. After a little Apoxie sculpt and a whole lot of metallic paint, here she is.

A little Autumn Relaxation…

I've wanted to build this kit ever since I first saw it back when it was new. I'm a huge fan of PenPen and this is one of the best figure representations of him, in my opinion. The sculptor, Nakamura Manabu did a wonderful job in getting all the details from the original illustration spot on and evoking a warm feeling that while out of character for Rei is still a welcome change. There was just one problem: whoever designed Rei's outfit in the original illustration must have been color blind, because it was absolutely a hideous mixture of Salmon, Orange and Yellow. I decided straight away if I ever built this kit I would change that.

You get what anyone gets…

I loved this kit when I first spotted it mostly due to its tiny size and complexity. 60 parts and just over 10 cm? Intriguing, and I just love a challenge. After sorting through what seemed an endless amount of cuffs, wings and eye pieces, I decided to pattern her a bit after how I dressed in high school and also the comic book character Death from the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.

Willy Wonka in Wonderland Bust

Usui Seiichiro from Keiondou has a way of making me want to buy his sculpts.  Each one is strikingly unique, even if it's of a character that's been done to death. This one was no exception, and it was love at first sight back in 2006. After a lot of searching I finally got lucky and obtained him. This is based on an illustration from the cover of a Hentai Doujin magazine. I just love the combination of Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, two things I very much enjoy.