Willy Wonka in Wonderland Bust

Usui Seiichiro from Keiondou has a way of making me want to buy his sculpts. ¬†Each one is strikingly unique, even if it’s of a character that’s been done to death. This one was no exception, and it was love at first sight back in 2006. After a lot of searching I finally got lucky and obtained him. This is based on an illustration from the cover of a Hentai Doujin magazine. I just love the combination of Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, two things I very much enjoy.

I deviated from the original scheme in a few ways to make it fit more into the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp Willy Wonka the illustration was obviously inspired from. The eye color is violet to match the movie and a few color details on the outfit are changed.

The piece is completely hand painted with shading done in pastels.

Admit it... right now you're thinking about chocolate.

Since the scale is so large on this figure I had the chance to do a lot of realistic shading which is reflected in the facial features the most, but also in the rubber glove.

The eyes were hollow and after painting I filled them in with a ton of clear acrylic gloss coats.

This creature was originally green in the reference photos, but I felt his look was much more Cheshire Cat than frog, so I used a sort of 60s acid blotter art style to achieve that. I hope Usui-san would be happy with my work!

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