Admiral Nagato Yuki

My favourite episode from the first season of Haruhi is definitely “The Day of Sagittarius”, and my favourite character is Nagato Yuki, so owning this kit was a foregone conclusion from the moment I saw it. Someday I’ll have the full set of girls.

I was so excited to add her to my collection that I challenged myself: finish a kit in a week. I’m happy to say that I managed her in 6 days without sacrificing quality, and she’s completely hand brushed.

Nagato's thousand yard stare is legendary.

This kit is a great one for beginners as it’s a seated kit with not too many parts and comes together quite easily. Plus with the primary colors being white and black, it’s an easy way to practice crisp painting without it being too hard to clean up mistakes. You’ll have to drill and pin the chair to a base, but that’s not so bad and it’s great practice.

I stayed as close as possible to the original colour scheme with the only exception being the chair.  I didn’t like the light grey so I went with a little more classy reddish brown. I think Captain Picard would approve.

Nothing to see here, just an android calmly plotting your doom.

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