You get what anyone gets…

I loved this kit when I first spotted it mostly due to its tiny size and complexity. 60 parts and just over 10 cm? Intriguing, and I just love a challenge. After sorting through what seemed an endless amount of cuffs, wings and eye pieces, I decided to pattern her a bit after how I dressed in high school and also the comic book character Death from the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.

Gisele/Death in Progress – Part 03, Pochi

This Gisele kit has a lot of alternate parts to choose from. I decided to use the wings on her backpack as the original ones that were to be attached to her shoes, so I had an extra set. That got me thinking how the Sandman series would always have these great little creatures in the land of dreams. I went out in search for a little animal figure I could add wings to and fell in love with this baby panda vinyl toy. His original factory paint job was a bit rough and we have a bit of work to do to make him fit in, so let's get to it!

Gisele/Death In Progress – Part 01, Wings

Just a moment while I put my face on... My latest project is a long and involved one. Using a base of the Pinky Gisele kit, I'm creating a little homage to the Neil Gaiman Sandman comic book series with a little Death goth girl cosplayer with a special friend inspired by some of the fantastical creatures from the land of dreams. I thought it might be a nice chance to give a view of my process on a few key details.