New Avengers Luke Cage Action Figure Mod Finished

The paint has dried, my cursing has abated, and now I can sit back and enjoy life for another few hours before launching into my next project. Luke Cage is finally complete! If you’ve followed my work in progress posts you know that nothing I do ever goes as planned, and this troublemaker was no exception. From ever-present green to inexplicable paint rub to arms not reattaching, I had every problem in the book with this guy. But let’s put all that past us and enjoy the final product!

This mod was from the Marvel Legends Classic 6 inch Drax, and Destroy he did. My patience, two of my brushes, his own joints, anything in his path. I stripped the belt and knives, resculpted the right forearm and added the belt buckle and muscle shirt.

Shading was achieved as always with pastels and acrylic paint. The white shirt was at the client’s request. If it were up to me no one would wear white shirts, ever, because then I’d never have to paint them.

Trying to capture the subtle shading on the white shirt is difficult with what I had to work with, I hope it’s visible.

Taking the knife wrap off the right arm turned out to be a bit easier than I’d thought at first, though the forearm turned out to be slightly larger than the left due to the original sculpt. I still think it matches pretty well.

This is the same disapproving look I was giving the figure every time it crossed me.

I love the new direction Luke Cage has taken in the New Avengers, so this was a pretty fun character to work with. I also don’t get the chance to paint many dark skinned characters, it’s a nice departure. I have another one coming up that I’m looking forward to.

This finishes up my commissions for now, I will try and finish up some of the other projects that have been laying around on my bench half-to-mostly-finished for ages.  I’ll just leave you with this for now…

Plllllllastic Lllllladies?

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