Marvel Legends Luke Cage Mod Continues

My fight with Luke Cage continues and much like in Marvel Comics, he is winning! After some joint fixes and sculpting the muscle shirt he was ready for paint. This picture was taken after about 70 coats of white. The green skin of Drax had the supernatural ability to show through everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I think I’ve invented a few new curse words for action figures on this project.

Don't mistake his lack of limbs, this is one dangerous guy.

After getting final color approval and sealing the joints as best I could from paint rub, I was finally ready to move on. Drax wanted to punish me for cutting his knives off and made every step of the way hell. My eye still twitches when I think of how many paint chips I had to fix.

He's just plotting his next move, which is probably jumping to the floor and strangling me in my sleep.

Here we are after clear coating, ready for shading. What new hells will we experience? Oh look, I see green!

During shading, which had to be done twice on each piece after adjusting joints. This is pretty much how I shade most figures I work on and has served me pretty well.

Here’s Luke looking a bit casual after the fight it took to get his arms back together. The flexible rubbery plastic of the newer Marvel Legends figures do not like to reassemble, Avengers or no. But what’s that? Is that a finish line I spot? RACE TO THE FINISH!

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