Northwest Comic and Gaming Event Report

Abare Figures made an appearance at the Northwest Comic and Gaming Event in Elgin Illinois this past Saturday, and had lots of fun! I was on hand to answer questions about figures and garage kits, show some work and talk up my customs and most of all: get some work done! This is a more old-school comic event and as such is a bit more homey feeling, great for conversations and making friends!

The importance of good quality paint

One of the biggest temptations when painting figures is exclusively using those low cost craft store paints. You know the ones. You're in the store looking for that perfect flesh tone or shade of blue, and there they are. Cheap little bottles, all pre-mixed and waiting for you to begin with little to no color mixing required. Everyone's tried them and they all have differing opinions, but let me show you a side by side comparison of what you're missing out on by not using better quality paint.

Overcoming Adversity with Mod Podge

We've all had it happen. Things seem to be going along so well, you're making better time than usual when boom. Catastrophe strikes. That's what happened with my 1/4 Sayla Mass here, as you can see. Clear coat reacted funny with the paint and I'm left with a melting face. So how do we get past this? The thought of stripping everything and starting over leaves me in despair, so let's instead whip out the tool that's always at my right hand, Mod Podge!