Northwest Comic and Gaming Event Report

Abare Figures made an appearance at the Northwest Comic and Gaming Event in Elgin Illinois this past Saturday, and had lots of fun! I was on hand to answer questions about figures and garage kits, show some work and talk up my customs and most of all: get some work done! This is a more old-school comic event and as such is a bit more homey feeling, great for conversations and making friends!

I had a bunch of my other work for show and sale too, just to mix things up. Let’s get to the important part: working on kits in public!

I spend a lot of time at Modern Age Comics on Mondays doing this same type of thing, it helps me work faster if I have people to chat with. I do this show twice a year and it helps with my productivity and motivation! If you build kits do you ever try doing it in public at a craft show or convention?

I stayed pretty busy throughout the day but I managed to post a few shots of my progress on Twitter and Tumblr, so if you follow me there you probably saw these already. The best part is seeing the look on kids’ faces as they watch me paint and ask questions. This is a great hobby to start out in at a younger age and continue learning if you keep at it!

I didn’t manage to get anything totally finished but I made some great progress, and now am about 95% done with Kotoko, Char, Sayla and Sumomo! Look for those to be posted soon, I hope! Hope to see you at the next NWCGE!

Cosplaying as Abare-tan with Sayla's head!

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