Upcoming Release: Kaitendo Cross X Create Vol. 01 Enma

Due out in January is Volume 1 of Kaitendo’s new Cross X Create series, and it couldn’t be from two better creative talents! Enma is based on an original illustration by character designer and game artist extraordinaire Mushimaro and sculpted by the amazing Suzu of Atomic-Bom. Suzu always has a way of catching my eye, indeed I think no one is better at capturing Asuka in figure form. This new fetching design looks to be no different.

Mushimaro has done a ton of illustrations for games such as Lineage II and Aquarian Age, and the influence shows in this piece. Suzu has perfectly captured the flow of Enma’s rather ill-fitting outfit with her hair and successfully evokes the peaceful feeling that Mushimaro’s art seems to inspire.

I’ve never personally owned a Kaitendo figure but my one wish would be for a more interesting base for this character. Perhaps she will be one of the fortunate ones able to stand on her own and the white disc of nothingness won’t be an issue. On the right shelf you’d never notice it, which was perhaps their intention.

Enma here is 1/8 scale standing at about 22 cm. Are you a big Mushimaro or Suzu fan, and will she be part of your collection come January? I have a weakness for well-sculpted redheads, but it will come down to budget for me.

Enma is available online at a discount for fans outside of Japan on AmiAmi and Hobby Search.

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