Iris Chateaubriand and Jean-Paul reshoot

Recently had the chance to have some new photos of my Kotobukiya 1/8 Iris Chateaubriand taken that better show her shading and base. In case you’re interested, here isĀ her original gallery. She still occupies a prime space in my display case as she waits for my other Sakura Taisen kits to join her. Lots more photos after the jump!

The base took me a while to put together as I had to special order the rug from a dollhouse supplier and it took a couple months to find and be shipped to me. Iris deserves only the best! I’d still replace it with an antique rug if I could find one reasonably priced because I’m crazy like that.

I think these photos show her subtle shading a lot better than the originals! All thanks go to my photographer friend Tiffany Clarke for bringing out the best in Iris.

Again, all photo credits go to Tiffany Clarke.

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