DC Collectibles Vertigo Cover Girl Death review

If you follow this blog, you may know that I'm not always happy with the quality checking of DC Collectibles/DC Direct statues, especially considering the higher price point they usually charge. I always find reasons to give them another chance, especially when they release favourite characters of mine, like Death from The Sandman. Imagine my disappointment when the quality issues overshadowed the figue on this one.
Retro Review: Fin Fang Foom Colossal Heroclix

Retro Review: Fin Fang Foom Colossal Heroclix

As a figure collector, I'm always intrigued when a new line of Wizkids/Neca's line of Heroclix gaming pieces are released. For this long-running collectible game, it seems no character from the Marvel or DC pantheon is too obscure or out of date to make an appearance in miniature form. The only unfortunate thing is the size: most figures are barely over an inch tall making detail, paint, and sculpt quality spotty at best. But every once in a while a special larger figure is released as a chase figure or a limited convention release, which is what gives us Colossal figures like this fabulous Fin Fang Foom.

Review: Ame-Comi Brainiac from DC Collectibles

I'm historically not the biggest fan of DC's Ame-Comi line, I've found most of the designs to be a little lackluster. So I was even more excited when some great new figures were presented at C2E2 earlier this year. DC is putting more of its weight behind the line, bringing in talent like Amanda Conner to give it a comic to back it up and hiring awesome sculptors like veteran James Shoop to bring us better designs, like this Brainiac. Ame-comi still has some evolving to do, but let's check out the progress, shall we?

Review: Dick Grayson as Batman by Jock

I've been a bit critical of the DC Collectibles Batman Black and White line before, but there are always exceptions to the rule. When I first spotted this Jock designed Dick Grayson as Batman prototype at C2E2 earlier this year, I was amazed at how dynamic they made it. Now that it's in my hands I can really see how sculptor Michael Locascio knocked it out of the park. Take a look!

Black and White Joker Review

When DC Collectibles first released their Lee Bermejo designed Joker statue last year, I kept wondering when I'd get to see a Brian Bolland version. When this Joker first debuted later that year at a convention, it was more than I could ever hope for. Not only did we have a Bolland Joker, but it was from the cover of Legends of the Dark Knight 50 with his cat! After waiting what felt like 5 months for it to show up in Previews for preorder and even longer for it to come out, the newest Batman Black and White figure is in my hands and I can show it to you!

High Priestess Yukiko Amagi and D-Arts Konohana Sakuya review

With the Japanese yen to US Dollar rate being as terrible as it is currently, figure fans on a budget sure have a lot of temptations being thrown at them! I've been able to be pretty strong lately and only cave on a few things, but one of my big weaknesses is the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. With Persona 4 being remade, a hit anime series and a Persona fighting game coming out there is a huge amount of things to choose from as seemingly every merch company tries to get a piece of my very limited figure budget. Today, Megahouse and Bandai are the winner with High Priestess Yukiko Amagi and her summoned Persona Konohana Sakuya. Lots more pictures after the jump!

Review: New 52 Batgirl Bust by DC Collectibles

It's been a busy couple months of figure buying at my local comic shop with all the great stuff coming out lately! I completely fell for this Barbara Gordon Batgirl bust when I first saw the prototype at C2E2 earlier this year, and she immediately went on my "preorder as soon as I see it" list. Sculptor Jim Maddox brought us a great figure, but how did the manufactured version stack up? Check it out after the jump!

Nendoroid Shinguji Sakura and Koubu Set Review

As is pretty evident from my catalog of the garage kits, I'm a big Sakura Taisen fan. The series doesn't get much attention here in the US other than the one NIS America PS2/Wii game release that you totally should buy. They also released a lot of the anime here that is too cheap not to check out. So you can imagine when I saw this Nendoroid pop up for preorder, I squeaked and broke my finger hitting the buy button as quickly as possible.