C2E2 2012 coverage – DC Collectibles part 3 – Arkham City and Watchmen

If you haven’t played Rocksteady’s fantastic Batman games, I suggest you step away from the computer and remedy that right now. If you have, you probably want to know when the next story DLC is coming out. ¬†Unfortunately I can’t tell you that, but I can show you some of the upcoming figures that I’m pretty pumped about. At the DC Collectibles C2E2 panel last weekend, everyone participating seemed very excited about what was coming from their partnership with Rocksteady and it definitely seemed like there were still surprises yet to be revealed.

The giant Croc and Titan Joker figures tower over the regular line and the detail on all the new figures is top notch. DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns spoke about wanting to continue the line for a long time and bring out even more figures as long as the fans want them.

It’s certainly interesting to see how things have changed as sculptors and figure makers get challenged more and more to achieve realism. ¬†It doesn’t always turn out the best (sorry Catwoman, it’s just my opinion) but it’s great to see more movie figures that actually look like the characters they’re supposed to represent, and we get much higher quality figures as a result. I’d love to see a Catwoman based on the alternate animated series costume released in later waves.

He’s long since been announced but I thought it was worth noting how well the Hush figure came out. The detail on the coat and the facial expression is great. Considering picking this one up now.

It’s hard to beat Bruce Timm’s animated Mr. Freeze for me, but this one is coming close! Geoff Johns spoke about the sculptors being able to work with rocksteady and get whatever they needed as far as 3d models and textures, and the attention to detail really shows in this one. I can almost hear him yammering at me during that boss fight.

Finally on display from the Arkham bunch we have the giant Killer Croc. I loved the shading and weathering done on the pant legs, and he really does tower over the other figures, though it’s not quite to scale. If you’re collecting the series at all, he’s a must-have! Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next. An audience member asked about Talia al Ghul and you could tell they wanted to say something, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if she’s coming up next. I’d be in for one!

Of course a huge topic at the DC booth and all the panels was the Before Watchmen event coming up. DC is determined to squeeze all the merchandising out of this they can, so it was no shock to see a Dr. Manhattan statue announced to go with the Rorschach and Comedian. They had the completed prototype on hand, and it’s completely translucent which will look awesome in a lighted display cabinet.

Adam Hughes is mesmerized by his lack of nakedness.

Once he was unveiled, Mr. Johns was quick to point out that he would not have a nude or radioactive variant, much to the panel’s disappointment. The figure is based on a design by Adam Hughes, and everyone had to ooh and aah about the smoke.

Not sure what Manhattan is reaching for. Dignity?

No mention was made of if the original creators were receiving a cut of the merchandise. I’m guessing I know the answer. The Watchmen figures aren’t on my list, but are they on yours?

I spy a visible seamline in that promotional image. For shame, DC! It was cleaned up by the time we saw it in person.

The other figures were able to be viewed up close out at the DC booth. I think the bases on each of the figures are pretty interesting while still being uniform, and the details on Comedian are really great. It’s nice to see the characters getting so much attention, no matter what the politics behind it.

You may have seen the picture floating around comparing this statue to the still of Leonardo DiCaprio. That makes me like this one even more.

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