Commission: Sylvanas Windrunner Elspeth Action Figure Mod 01

Some knight. Pretty sure she needs two full-time squires to keep that cape out from under the army's boots.

A friend asked me to change his DC Unlimited Sylvanas Windrunner (WoW) figure into Elspeth the Pure from Magic the Gathering without doing too many changes to the original figure.  Should be fun.

Sylvanas Windrunner figure

The original figure, for reference.  First things first, gotta break up the pieces a little so we have something easier to work with.

I hate to hurt this figure, she's so pretty.

Cutting the ears off should have been the hardest part, but DC unlimited figures are really well made and those arms fought me every step.  Finally just left the right one on since it would pivot out of the way well enough to work with, I hope.

The figure with parts removed.

Mmm. Dismembered elf on top of a bucket of trans fat. I’m sure it’s someone’s fetish.

After the parts were sufficiently strewn about, it was time to figure out what parts of the armor to tackle first.  Nothing about Elspeth screams “feathers” to me, so that will be the first thing to go.

My camera was so sad to see such a pretty figure get mangled it decided to rebel. Ears and feathers got added to the parts graveyard for a future project.

Starting parts cleanup. Will have to consult with the owner about armor changes but I think the skulls and spikes are history.

Starting a base to change the skintone and filling the ears/hood to turn this little lady into a human! I think i want to keep the midriff despite it being against the Elspeth character design.

The cloak is the easy part, just needs a paint change.  Damaged bits will remain as is.

Next come armor changes and filling in the hood some more.  Stay tuned!

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