Elspeth Magic the Gathering figure mod continues

This is the part of every project where it’s hard to show much progress.  So much cleanup is required on a figure like this, everywhere I look I find another seamline or flaw to fill in.

Priming a figure helps to isolate some of the problems.  I’m also removing the skulls on the base figure to replace with a more Elspeth friendly design. Only simple mods will be made as the owner wants to keep her as an Archer and keep the base armor design the same.

Cutting the tiny skulls off on a detailed piece like this requires a lot of patience. After the shields are done the textures will have to be remodelled, so we want to get everything as even as possible.

Again, priming will help achieve that more quickly as the areas that need work will be thrown into better contrast. I estimate another couple hours of filing will be required on these before putty work can begin.  The real challenge is keeping the edge of the piece intact.

Laying down some base color while I’m at it to give me a better idea where we’re headed and what will be needed for shading.  Oh look, the base color turns up more seamlines! Hooray!

Looks like I’ll need lots of distractions while I wait for paint to dry.  Good thing it’s new comic day!

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