Upcoming Release: Harley Quinn Arkham City Statue

DC has been quite busy with the statue releases since announcing their new DC Collectibles line, and a line of Arkham City statues was inevitable with how popular the action figures have been. So it should be a surprise to no one that they just announced a Harley Quinn to be released in January 2013. What is a surprise is how appealing she is compared to the action figure releases!

Sculpted by DC veteran Jack Matthews, who is no stranger to the strong DC females since he handles most of the Cover Girls of the DCU statues, Quinn here will be 9 inches tall. What I like about Matthews is he can take a 2D drawing and change it just enough to be more appealing in 3D without changing the original character of the piece. This piece compared to the other Arkham Asylum and City Harleys out there is a great example of his expertise showing through on a difficult character to render properly. This isn’t his first time sculpting Harley but I think it may be his best, though there is some great competition in his work. I’m glad that Arkham City finally is getting the attention it deserves in statue form. Let’s hope the Riddler is in the plans, because he’d be a must-buy for me!

Here’s DC’s announcement video which shows a few more poses than the photos they’ve released so far:

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11JUaMukoeg align:center]

Are you a Jack Matthews fan? How many of his sculpts do you own without even knowing it? Is this your favourite Harley of the recent influx of them, or do you perhaps prefer Mr. Matthews’s Ame-Comi or Cover Girls versions that are also coming soon? I was really tempted on the Ame-Comi version, I love the Shakesperean take.

If this Harley Quinn is proving too gorgeous to resist, you can preorder her at your local comic shop or from these online outlets:

Big Bad Toy Store   Hobby Search

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