Dead or Alive

Humble Beginnings

Everyone starts somewhere in this hobby.  The most common way to start in on Garage Kits for most of the English speaking fans is the same way I began. You find a cool figure on eBay and think "wow, I need to own that! It's from my favourite series and looks amazing!" Only to find out that it's something called an unfinished, unpainted Garage Kit and not the action figures or PVC statues you're more familiar with. After a little more research you find out "oh wait I have to pay someone to paint this but I'm not independantly wealthy and there's a ton of these figures that look awesome!" Then from there, perhaps you do what I did.  You buy a couple figures that usually ship from Thailand, Hong Kong or some other exotic locale and panic when it arrives. "How am I going to DO this?" Never fear, brave adventurer! Many have come before you.