Mini Belldandy with Holybell

This is a miniature sculpt of the famous illustration from Aa Megami-sama of Belldandy and her angel Holy Bell. The more well known 1/6 scale version was released by Volks and the incredibly more detailed 1/10 version came out from Max Factory (the original of which has been on my wishlist for ages).  This one is a diminutive 6 inches with some very tiny features.

I completed this one after a long hiatus away from Garage Kits for a friend who is way, way into Ah My Goddess. He was quite happy with it and I got some much needed practice with acrylic shading!

The kit has some flaws due to my inexperience at the time and the tiny, tiny parts being very hard to clean up. Helpful tip: If you’re starting out on GKs or picking it up after a long time away, don’t pick the tiniesst kit you can find to start out with! ┬áStill, my friend ended up being pretty happy about it.

Someday I’ll get one of the larger versions and do it all over again!

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