Max Factory

Upcoming Release: Max Factory Aoba

Max Factory is bring us this tube of wonderful in March 2013 and as hard as I try I cannot resist Aoba, despite his high price tag! At 1/7 scale and about 28 cm, his retail price of 14,800 yen isn't exactly surprising given his detail but it's enough to crush most figure budgets! Still, it's hard to be upset when Max Factory seems to have done it again with their perfect combination of dynamic pose, detailed base, and captivating character.

Mini Belldandy with Holybell

This is a miniature sculpt of the famous illustration from Aa Megami-sama of Belldandy and her angel Holy Bell. The more well known 1/6 scale version was released by Volks and the incredibly more detailed 1/10 version came out from Max Factory (the original of which has been on my wishlist for ages).  This one is a diminutive 6 inches with some very tiny features.