1/5.5 Vispo Ayanami Rei with Scooter

Rei has paused from her vacation in Okinawa (a place I’d love to be right now) to let us take some photos! She’s albino but she got a tan somehow. Maybe she vacationed in Jersey.

Mitsumasa from Vispo did a beautiful job making the oversculpted Rei look fresh with this kit. He’s also a genius with making cool looking vehicles you want to buy. Vispo is good at taking my money.

Mitsumasa, you sculpt some sexy girls but try wearing bikini bottoms that fit like that. It’s no wonder Rei looks a little troubled.

Sometimes, because I’m strange, I’ll buy a kit because of one tiny detail. It could be the placement of a hand, or the way her hair falls just right. This time? It was because the reference images of Rei had one of my favourite all-time beverages: Pocari Sweat. Buy an expensive and difficult kit for one less-than-an-inch-high soda can? Sure, why not?

Then I realized how many details she had. So! After over 80 hours of work, she’s finished and I couldn’t be happier.

Hand painted entirely with Liquitex, Delta, and Folk Art acrylics. There’s a lot of glue, sweat and blood in there too. Bikini strap is 1mm satin cord, and the scooter hoses are made from 20 gauge Atlas Model Railroad Layout Wire.

Dangit, now I’m thirsty.

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