Jim Lee Gargoyle Batman cold cast repair finished

After a lot of putty, sanding, and paint we have a presentable Batman once again! In total about 8 hours of work.

Check out the WIP post for all the gory details, or just skip to the rest of the images after the break.

The most noticeable change are the repaired “ears” of the cowl and the cape repaint. Super glue damage, paint scuffs and breaks had marred the crisp look Tim Bruckner had originally achieved with this sculpt. One ear is reattached and the other is completely rebuilt.

One of the spikes was missing off the glove, so I built a new one from scratch and blended it in with the rest.

Both feet had some pretty ugly cracks in them from the original fall. Thankfully the pin inside the legs kept the entire thing from breaking off, so I did a little surface treatment. Little else could have been done without a complete rebuild, unfortunately.

View of the other boot, the crack is less visible after repair on this foot. The entire statue is more stable as a result of the treatment.

another view of the boot crack repairs.

The back tip of the cape had broken off, so I did a quick minor repair as a bonus to the customer to make it a little more presentable.

Batman is still as broody as ever, but at least he’s in better health now!

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