Kinomoto Sakura 2nd Movie version

In the seemingly endless line of Cardcaptor Sakura kits out there, this remains one of my favourites. The recast I received had a few problems though I’ve had worse.  It was missing a lot of the ribbons I’ve seen pictured with the original, though after seeing some others online I was lucky to get any at all.

The biggest challenge was the fit and weight of the large skirt.  After having some issues getting it to work together, I ran into new issues getting it to stay on.  I tried to use clear acrylic rods to suspend it but after those all shattered under the weight I resorted to metal.  I’d change a few things if I had it to do over, but I’m still pretty happy with how she turned out.

The sculptor Azusa Rei was inspired when he created this kit. Here’s what he had to say:

“My inspiration for making it came from when I looked at posters and flyers from the movie. Without even realizing it I was entranced by the illustrations and thinking ‘I have to give form to these emotions welling up in my heart!’, I groped for skills that were beyond what I had at that time. Those are the situations in which this kit was made under.”

It’s easy to see how this beauty won the sculptor the Ageta Yukiwo award at Jaf-Con 10.

A quote from the sculptor Azusa Rei’s website about the kit: “The notice that it got at Wonder Festival even now still moves me to think ‘It was worth all of the effort it took to make’.”

It really was, sir. You deserve every accolade you received and more.

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