Upcoming Statue Release: Kotobukiya Bishoujo Commander Shepard

Coming in March 2013 from Kotobukiya is a new entry into their mega-popular Shunya Yamashita-designed bishoujo line, female Commander Shepard! After the popularity of this year’s mostly-sold-out Liara T’soni statue, I’m glad to see the Mass Effect line continuing, and from such a great sculptor! Gill Gill handled the prototype sculpt and did an amazing job if you ask me, but they can sculpt pretty much anything and make me consider buying it.

What I like about the Kotobukiya bishoujo line is that even though the girls are presented as “sexy”, they usually stay mostly true to character and aren’t posing salaciously for no reason. The best recent example of this was the amazing Power Girl, also sculpted by Tsukada Takashi of Gill Gill. Combined with Kotobukiya’s production power and resulting lower price, there’s no reason even the most budget minded fan couldn’t find room for their favourite character, and FemShep is sure to be another hit.

Most of the Bishoujo girls I own haven’t come with extra accessories, so seeing that FemShep comes with her OmniTool as an option is a pleasant surprise. Will you be adding her to your shelves come March?

Preorder Kotobukiya Bishoujo Commander Shepard at your local comic book retailer or online: AmiAmi  Hobby Search  Big Bad Toy Store

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