Volks Try GK Saber

Got two new additions to my massive pile of guilt (unbuilt kits) today: Volks’ new TRY GK series Saber and Amie-Grand’s fabulous Goth Punk Asuka.

I’m really quite impressed with the new Try GK series. Not only are the parts divided well for beginners to practice painting, but they overcame the biggest hurdle that seems to intimidate most newcomers to the Garage Kit hobby: eyes. Two sets of eye decals are included with the kit, so I suppose if you mess up on applying one you have a backup set. In addition, you receive the usual full color instruction/parts list sheet that is typical Volks fare. As an added bonus that I believe is completely new to the TryGK series however is the mini article about kit building. Using pics of the actual kit that you purchase (incredibly more useful than a random article about a kit you’ll probably never own), they go through step by step in the prep, build and painting processes. Expect a full translation of all the materials soon.

You can find out more information about Saber at the volks store.

To purchase the kit (there are still plenty available, plus I’m seeing them pop up on Yahoo Auctions often for a little cheaper) I recommend using Shopping Mall Japan. Their web purchase option makes shopping at the Japanese Volks store easy. FYI: Volks will not directly ship any resin kits overseas. I believe they’re concerned about licensing issues.

More about the Asuka soon!

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