While checking out the new Avengers movie figures…

This kid is probably about 5 years older or 10 years younger than Nerf's target demographics.

So much of my time when I’m not working on various projects is spent checking out the various new toy lines, as many of you know.  So when I saw mention that the new Avengers movie toys had surfaced at Toys R Us I had to go check them out.  As a long-time fan of Hawkeye and archer characters in general, I immediately bypassed all the Iron Man and Cap rehashes and dug for the good stuff.

Unfortunately there’s really not much out there other than the above Nerf bow, which admittedly is pretty cool. But come on, we got classic helmet-masks for other characters… why not the purple Hawkeye helmet?  Too bad, none to be found.  Ok, so there’s gotta be a decent action figure right? …right?

Behold, the 3.75 inch Comic Series Marvel’s Hawkeye.

Sooo... do we get a Rob Leifeld Captain America figure next?... because I'd totally ironically buy that. Maybe hipster action figures are the next thing, Hasbro!

Sooo… hey Marvel? when did Grifter join the Avengers, and where’s my decent Hawkeye stuff?

Also no Black Widow to be found. Period. Apparently only boys can see the new movie and want toys.


(Yes I’m aware this is from Ultimate Hawkeye and that there is one single kinda ugly Black Widow action figure, but it’s nowhere to be found as it’s short packed. Fuck shortpacks. Ultimate Hawkeye with a hood looks like Grifter.)

image credits: Urban Taggers and Idle Hands.

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