Marvel Legends Drax to Luke Cage mod… start!

Starting another commission, this time of New Avengers style Luke Cage. Drax the Destroyer provides the base figure this time. I was requested to do another simple mod adding a white muscle shirt and removing the knives from Drax here. Seems simple enough but let's see what kind of trouble the figure gods are going to throw at us on this one!

While checking out the new Avengers movie figures…

This kid is probably about 5 years older or 10 years younger than Nerf's target demographics. So much of my time when I'm not working on various projects is spent checking out the various new toy lines, as many of you know.  So when I saw mention that the new Avengers movie toys had surfaced at Toys R Us I had to go check them out.  As a long-time fan of Hawkeye and archer characters in general, I immediately bypassed all the Iron Man and Cap rehashes and dug for the good stuff.